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siberian tiger Asia is the largest continent on Earth.  It covers 8.6% of the Earth's surface and comprises 45 countries plus several islands and dependencies.

Asia is separated from Europe by the Ural Mountains, from Africa by the Suez Canal, and from North America by the Bering Strait.

Asia is home to several cultures.  The Middle East, East Asia, South Asia and Central Asia regions make up the continent.  Part of Asia was the home of the World's earliest civilization.  Both Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley are located within the borders of Asia.

The Asian continent features the world's longest coastline, the tallest mountain, the deepest lake, and the lowest point.  Mt. Everest in Nepal is the tallest mountain.  It rises to the soaring height of 29,035 feet (8,850 meters).  The Dead Sea in Israel and Jordan is the lowest point.  It sits at 1,286 ft. (392 m.) below sea level.  The world's deepest lake, Lake Baikal, is located in the Siberian region of Russia.  It is also the largest freshwater lake in the world and holds 20% of the liquid fresh water on Earth.

great wall of china Much of Asia is separated by mountains and deserts.

The Caucasus Mountains not only form a natural border with Europe, they are home to the biblical Mt. Ararat.  Noah's Ark is said to have landed on Mt. Ararat.

The Himalaya Mountains separate the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau.  These mountains are the highest on Earth and are home to 14 of the world's highest mountains.  The Himalayan mountain system also includes several minor ranges.

The Himalayas cross six countries and are the source of three major river systems:  the Indus Basin, the Ganga-Brahmputra Basin, and the Yangtze Basin.

The Tibetan Plateau in Central Asia covers most of Tibet.  Its average elevation is more than 4,500 meters, and it has been called "the roof of the world."  It is by far the biggest and highest plateau in the world.  It covers an area that is approximately 4 times the size of Texas!

The Gobi Desert is a desert which extends into both China and Mongolia.  Gobi means "very large and dry" in Mongolian.  It occupies 1,300,000 sq. km. but is not full of sand.  The Gobi is covered by rock.

Siberia is a vast area of northern Russia that is filled with dense forests and tundra.  Due to the inhospitable nature of the area, Siberia remains sparsely populated.

Asia makes a great travel destination.  People come from around the world to see magnificent castles and venerable museums in Russia, to be impressed by technologically advanced areas like Tokyo, Japan, to see the Great Wall of China, and to learn about the various cultures that call Asia home.

Asia Map

asia map

Interactive Asia Map

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Interactive Eastern Asia Map Inset

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Asian Countries

The table below lists the countries of Asia and their capital cities, and also features convenient links to maps and detailed information about each Asian country.

Asian Countries And Capitals
Country Name Capital City
Afghanistan Kabul
Armenia Yerevan
Azerbaijan Baku
Bahrain Manama
Bangladesh Dhaka
Bhutan Thimphu
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan
Burma Rangoon
Cambodia Phnom Penh
China Beijing
Georgia Tbilisi
India New Delhi
Indonesia Jakarta
Iran Tehran
Iraq Baghdad
Israel Jerusalem
Japan Tokyo
Jordan Amman
Kazakhstan Astana
Kuwait Kuwait City
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
Laos Vientiane
Lebanon Beirut
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Maldives Male
Mongolia Ulan Bator
Nepal Kathmandu
North Korea Pyongyang
Oman Muscat
Pakistan Islamabad
Philippines Manila
Qatar Doha
Russia Moscow
Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Singapore Singapore
South Korea Seoul
Sri Lanka Colombo
Syria Damascus
Taiwan Taipei
Tajikistan Dushanbe
Thailand Bangkok
Timor-Leste Dili
Turkey Ankara
Turkmenistan Ashgabat
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
Uzbekistan Tashkent
Vietnam Hanoi
Yemen Sanaa

See the CIA World Factbook home page for information about this helpful geopolitical resource, and visit this map of Asia website for more Asia maps and Asian travel information.

Detailed Country Maps

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